Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this a property advertising portal?

No, this is not a property advertising portal. We only help you to advertise your unit in the biggest property portals that has the highest traffic, and also link you up with the potential buyers.

How much do I need to pay when I engage Suite hut’s Services?

You need to visit our Our Fees Page.

Do I have to pay an upfront fee upon signing up?

Yes, you will have to pay a 50% deposit upon signing up, and the rest of the 50% upon completion of your sale.

Can I back out?

Yes, you may. You will just need to inform us about it. The 50% deposit will be forfeited.

How and where will Suite Hut expose my units?

Fill up the enquiry form, and our consultants will be in touch with you soon.

I do not know how the selling process works. Is there a guide for it?

Do not worry. Fill up the contact us form. Our consultant will guide you on the process of it.

I am not sure whether I am eligible to sell or want to sell my property.

Do not worry. Fill up the contact us form. Our consultant will get in touch with you soon for a non-obligation discussion

Will Suite Hut hide my potential buyers from me?

We conduct our business with Intregrity. There is no point hiding the potential buyers, as we will only collect the rest of the fee upon your sale completion.

How much should I sell my property, and how do I market my property?

Our consultants will get in touch with you and give you their professional advice about it. We will be helping you to do an online valuation of your property, and will be giving you a Free of Charge 40 pages report for your unit.

Can I make the payment by credit card?

Sorry, currently we are only focusing on helping homeowners to sell their property.

If I face some problems or difficulties regarding my property, who can I seek help from?

You may ring up our consultants. We will guide you or link you up to the appropriate places for your questions.

How do I know whether Suite Hut is advertising for me?

Once the advertisements are up, we will SMS you the different web links to the individual portals we are advertising in.

Can you all help to rent my property?

Sorry, currently we are only focusing on helping home owners to sell their property.

How long is the advertisement going to last?

It lasts for 3 months. But we are giving a startup promotion; so you’ll get additional 3 months for free, making it a total of 6 months

What if I can’t sell my property for 6 months?

You might want to do a 3 months advertisement extension at $200.

Will I be charged for each potential buyer referred?

No. You will only need to pay a fixed fee, and it will last for a period.