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It’s not easy for direct home owners to have access to all the updated property transactions in Singapore.  This is where your SuiteHut property consultant would come handy and we have all the details of all the recent and historical property transactions in Singapore. We share with you 4 reasons why having information of recent property transactions is so important:

  1. Make a Profitable Deal
  2. Your property is a very important investment for you.  Since the purchase of your property you have incurred many cost like renovation, taxes , agent’s commission etc. Now when you are selling it, you can’t sell it without knowing the recent profitable and non-profitable property transactions, since these are going to help you to have fair expectations of the price you can quote and get.

  3. You Major Work Field is Something Else
  4. It’s great that you have decided to sell your property on your own (almost) and it is quite likely that you don’t know everything about property transactions.  This is where we would come into picture and share with you details of these transactions to help you get a feel of the property market and know which locations are profitable.  Areas like Ardmore Park, Richmond Park, Costa Rhu etc are quite profitable and buyers are definitely looking to buy properties in these locations. There is a lot of useful information that we would freely share with our clients.

  5. Get the Insider News of the Property Sector
  6. It is also important to know the why behind certain happenings around the property market and a clear understanding will help you to know if you should wait for a better time to sell your property or you should just go for it looking at certain factors.

  7. Timing is Everything
  8. Just like in most cases, the timing is everything for you. It is only best to sell the property when the time is right such as the supply is less than demand, development is taking place / already good in your location and there are projects planned in the long run around the location. A lot of times after 2-5  years, we see major changes due to development work in less developed places too.  To have all the key information is very essential to make the right decision in terms of the selling cost of your HDB property or private property.

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