Ultimate Guide to the Road of Entrepreneurship by Selling HDB Property in Singapore

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One of the meanings of entrepreneurship is one who decides to work for him or her.  Now when you decide to sell your house property yourself (for profits) without any agent, you are on the path of becoming an entrepreneur too.  Welcome to the bandwagon!

Suite Hut property portal for home owners is here to decode the A to Z of selling your property in Singapore with confidence. If you are looking to sell your private property in Singapore, you can refer to your guide here.

1) Start with eligibility.

It is best to venture into something if you know that you are even eligible for just like entering a competition to win.  Once you establish that you are eligible, and then go ahead with the next steps.

2) Plan for the cost.

See how much you would sell your property for and if in turn that would be enough for your future plans whether that is to buy another property. Try to see if you would have the money you need for your property goals.

3) Contact the people who you would require assistance from.

Yes, yes we know that you would be selling your property on your own, yet you would require assistance from banks, property portals to advertise your HDB property and other people.  You would still be doing the most analyses, budgeting, and negotiations yourself.

4) Right down all the important details and contact details.

Now that you have a roadmap for your project, make a note of all the details so that you have access to those details from anywhere and you don’t miss out any information later.

5) Property viewing and negotiations and closing the deal.

Go ahead with property viewing with prospective customers, negotiate the price where needed and finally sign the deal. In case you require assistance with preparing documents, contact companies working at fixed fee for listing your property on property sites and those who provide other assistance during your process of closing the deal. Contact Suite Hut a property portal for HDB and private property sellers in Singapore for any assistance regarding selling your property.

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