The Top 4 Ways Selling Property is Changing in Singapore

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Selling and purchasing (perhaps conquering earlier) property is as old as our civilization for our innate need to have a safe and secure place. Before the advent of information technology, most people depended on mutual contacts, newspaper adverts, and agents for selling property in Singapore.

This is changing completely today with Internet 2.0 where users have websites where they can give online adverts about number of things, social media website for social sharing, websites that grow on user based content only like Reddit/Pinterest and availability of highly efficient smartphone.  Change in ways and new tools are the only constant we see in the purchase / selling of real estate too. Without any adieu, below we share with you 5 key ways of selling property in 2017 and beyond.  If you would like to read about the best places to advertise your HBD property, you can read your earlier article for same.

1) No need for an agent to sell your property.

As per a 2016 article on Strait times Singapore, one in every fourth house is being sold without an agent since 2013. That is a very good number and sure indication of where we are heading.

Agents commission on an average range anywhere between 7000-15000 S$ depending upon the selling price of the house and that is a huge savings for the home owner. A lot of people are going for doing it yourself style of selling their homes.

2) Presence of property portal for direct owners like Suite Hut in Singapore.

Companies like us provide you the option of advertising your property on key property websites online and also assist you with paper work and closing the deal. We only take a fixed fee for all our services.  Read about all the benefits of DIY way of selling your property here.

3) Most information is available online today.

As per Net Market Share , people use Google search engine for information as many as

4,464,000,000 times every day (worldwide). With billions of searches each day and more, we are able to find any information online today. For the information you find difficult to get, we at Suite Hut are here to assist with details of either recent property transactions in Singapore, property prices and any such information you are looking for now.

4)  People have got far more smart and informed.

Today people don’t feel helpless due to lack of information.  Information is accessed as and when the questions come to their mind and this has helped in making people much more informed.  By taking responsibility of selling your home yourself instead of blindly depending on an agent has helped thousands of people to make significant savings.  These changes are only going to get bigger and we would see more and more people going on the route of selling their property themselves using property portals for direct owners.

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