Property Portal for Direct Owners in Singapore

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There are only a few exclusive property portals for direct owners in Singapore.  SuiteHut in Singapore, offers home sellers to advertise their property on property portals for a fixed fee along with other services.  Today the property scenario is on the downside and sellers / buyers are moving online to find their prospects and are doing away with middlemen / agents.

There is an overall steady increase in such sites. Other sites like, and The Edge Property Singapore are trying to connect key people in both commercial, residential properties, different property types and offers them to cut down on cost.  Yet only a handful of website offer complete DIY solution to direct owners to significantly cut cost of selling their HDB house. We are one such site Suite Hut in Singapore.

There can be a lot of reasons for you to sell your HDB property in Singapore, whether you are moving to another new HDB house, moving to a new location that is closer to your work place , upgrading to a new and better house or just paying off your loan.

One thing for sure is that you are looking for a good deal and if you can safe close to S$10,000 (approx.) of monies then why not go for selling your house yourself. Property portal for direct owners in Singapore will make this possible as they will advertise for you, you speak directly to buyers, schedule viewing, if required ask us for documents required and we would assist you in completing the documents. You finally close the deal and we get the fixed fee for our services that is only S$1200.

Private property owners are also increasingly putting to use property portal services. Even if you are not internet savvy,  you can still utilize the services of an DIY real estate consulting. More and more people are advertising their properties online and the trend has picked up and is only increasing day by day. So if you are looking to sell your private property, then just fill our form and we will get back to you with the right assistance you are looking to get!

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