Make 10,000 S$ Savings with Property Portal for Direct Owners

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You can make good savings by selling your property without commission through property portal for direct owners like Suite Hut in Singapore.

No commission means that you can make significant savings and put that money in other areas. Below we share with you how those savings can make a major difference to your property sales.

1)     Invest in repair work.

Usually repair work comes with a cost, and with the savings, you can easily invest in essential repair work for get a better price.

2)     Take the offer at a low price.

Since there will be no big money going to the property agent as commission, you will be getting the complete amount. You decide what amount is right for you and you might actually get more since no money is going out to agent.  This will help you to close the deal quickly too.

3)     Good savings that will help you in buying your new house.

At one end you are selling your one property and another hand you are buying other as well. With the savings, you burden is lifted a bit. That’s a relief.

4)     Invest in yourself with the savings amount.

Usually people are not able to invest in themselves due to money crunch. Now that you have made some savings, you can invest in yourself whether that is learning a new skill, going on vacation or any other point of interest. Go ahead and spend the savings however you like.

5)     Put the savings amounts in the bank or in other investment to work for you.

Making savings is a difficult one these days, and now that you have made some savings, it is time to put that money in the bank or in other investments. This way you would have some surplus amount at your disposal during times of emergency or need. It is easy to make good amount of savings by selling your property without having to pay agent’s commission and Suite Hut the Property Portal for Direct Owners is here to assist you with that.

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