How to Profitably Sell My HDB Property Without an Agent?

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If you are a direct owner and you are planning to sell your HDB property, then by all means you can consider the option of selling the property yourself and in turn save on the agent’s commission.  So are you thinking this to yourself,” I don’t know much about how to sell my HDB Property”, then we at Suite Hut, Singapore are here to assist you with everything except price negotiations and house viewing which we think you are better off doing yourself. Below we share with you steps how you can successfully sell your HDB property using DIY real estate services.

  1. a)Get Details of Interested Buyers

After you have signed up for our services, we would be listing your home on property portals. We directly send you details of interested buyers and the process is totally fair and honest. We don’t believe in interfering which buyers are contacting you and we let you freely meet them as per your convenience and negotiate the price since you are the best person to decide on the final price.

Meanwhile we will be providing with you a complete price analysis of your property so that you can quote a fair and competitive price of your house.  Remember while you are valuating your property to keep in mind your location (whether it is close of major malls / schools / parks), floor numbering ( top floor), architecture of the house ( beautiful house design)  and any other special features. These factors can   either help you to add more value to the buyer and in turn increase the price. Additional things one can do to attract more buyers is to click quality images, take care of maintenance work ( paint / wires / furniture / cleanliness) etc before inviting the buyer for viewing.

  1. b)You Decide the Time for House Viewing

As we know that it is difficult for the buyers to connect with agents than with home owners. Home owners are the best people to show their own home to a potential buyer since they know everything about the house. This also eliminates more buyers visiting you only on certain days or certain time slots.  Here you are the one to decide when a buyer can come for viewing.

  1. c)Discuss the Price on Your Own

As the property owner, you are free to decide on the price of the property. You have the peace of mind to negotiate the price yourself.  You can also give a discount from the savings you would be making from agent’s commission.  This works best for both buyer and you too. In the end, we can assist you with the documents which are required to close the deal.  Now you know it is pretty simple to sell your own HDB property today DIY style!

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