Beware of Extra Smart Agents When Selling Property in Singapore

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There are some common tactics properties agents use to gain extra from selling someone else’s property. We are not saying that all agents are bad yet there are few agents who don’t feel guilty of practicing unethical ways to earn extra from a client’s house sale. Below we share with you common and some uncommon ways of playing foul by agents:-

1)     This is the best price for your property (usually a low price).

Your agent might say a number of things to make you believe that your house is located at a not so attractive location, it needs repair or the market is low.  They want to sell your property quickly so that they can move to another client and this way they earn more.

If you are solely dependent on agent’s advice, then it gets very difficult to know the real situation. That is why selling your property on your own is better since you would know exactly what the market is like, have the details of property transactions and you would directly interact with your prospective buyers.

2)     Not being fair with negotiations.

It is possible that some agents are not completely honest with you about the price the customer is able to pay. They might not also share all the nice details about your property and could also have some hidden agendas. They might do this since they are working with other clienteles and sometimes they can hide/fake details with you. It is best to negotiate the price yourself and this gives you the maximum control on pricing your own property.

3)     Arrange for house viewing when they get free.

You have your own schedule and your property agent might only look at his convenience. Usually they arrange for house viewing during Sundays or other times, whenever they are free during the day or weekends.  They usually don’t consider flexibility in this and this might hamper sales later.

When you are selling your own property, you arrange the time for house viewing and this gives you ease of managing many house viewing before the final sale.  Unprofessional property agents can do a lot of damage during the process of selling your property. Hence it is better to sell your property without agent and have full control of the sale of your property.

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