In Control of Time

There are only 2 instead of 3 parties involved. You can control the time better

No 3rd party communication

Sick of having a 3rd party communication? You can now directly connect with the potential buyer.

You get to make another friend

You might meet someone that has the same hobby/work/ business interest as you

Saving on Hefty Commission

Lower selling cost will mean higher profit

You know what the buyer is thinking

You are better in negotiating a deal when you know what is the buyer is thinking

No Conflict of interest

You are definitely serving on your interest, which is to obtain the best price possible!

You have the Best Knowledge of your property

Who knows your property better!

Avoid awkward moments of negotiating commission

You do not need to negotiate whether it is 1% or 2% regarding agent commission anymore

You do not have "Trust' Issues anymore.

Saving on the hassle of constantly thinking whether your agent is working for you when there are no viewings

No Exclusive Agent Agreement anymore

You have the exclusive rights to market your property.

You get to feel the market better

You will receive all the enquiries; so you can have a better feel of the market, instead of just hearing from a 3rd party.

Higher Buffer for selling price.

You are able to give the buyer a little higher discount on your selling price, as you save on the commission

No nonsense agent & buyers

You decide who you want to meet / show your unit to.

Sense of Satisfaction!

You get a great sense of satisfaction transacting your property. You will feel proud of it.

No more Price War for your property listed

If you hire more than 1 agent, there might be a price war of a lower price for your property listing online. Now, you determine the price